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Expensive readers,

In my previous articles, prophets that appear in the Qur’an have been indexed. It must have drawn your attention. Almost all of Allah’s prophets which can be elected to notify the divine mercy are males. For a few motive, women aren’t assigned as prophets. This case is said inside the verse from Quran as:

“And before thee We sent none but guys, to whom We granted suggestion:” [Nahl, 43]

However for the duration of history, some female figures appear along with Rabia al-Adawiyya who become spiritually and morally superior. She became a saintly dame who turned into raised in Basra.

# Door to Grace is usually open

One day, Rabia al-Adawiyya tells to a praying character who asks Allah to open the doorways to grace and mercy: “Oh ignorant, why do you ask Allah to open the doors to mercy? They’re already huge open. However, no longer every coronary heart is open to enter there. Pray for your heart to be open for it”.

Dear readers; truthfully, the door to grace and mercy of Allah (s.W.T) are continually open. But, most effective those who are predestined are granted to this.

Many humans are interested in studying the tabloid information and gossip topics of magazines every day, however they in no way care to examine even two verses from the Qur’an in which the phrase of Allah is preached. Request prophetic word Many human beings are not curious about the word of Allah who created us; who presents us with the air we breathe; who gives us our day by day bread and grants us our welfare and nicely-being with tens of hundreds of physiological occasions that occur to our frame. Many human beings commonly pass tv channels wherein a religious verbal exchange is going on, and as a substitute prefer to watch enjoyment suggests in every other channel that lasts for hours and hours.

# What guides us in the direction of divine mercy

Expensive readers; “faith” is what guides us towards our Rab and toward His divine mercy. In case you are analyzing these strains proper now, be assured which you are faithful. Individuals who do no longer have confidence in them turn their face and leave the region right away as soon as Allah (s.W.T) is being mentioned as if an ordinary commodity became in question. It’s far ordered within the verse of Qur’an that:

“Believers are individuals who, while Allah is cited, feel a tremor of their hearts,” [Anfal, 2]

No one, together with our Prophets, can assist individuals who lack religion as may be recalled inside the instances of Noah (a.S.) to his son, David (a.S.) to his spouse, Rasulullah (s.A.W.) to some of his uncles. Consequently, Allah (s.W.T) ordered to our Prophet who exerted each effort for the salvation of the human beings round him:

“If thou art nerve-racking for their steerage, yet Allah guideth no longer along with He leaves to stray, and there’s none to help them.” [Nahl, 37]

“it’s miles true thou wilt no longer be capable of manual every one whom thou lovest; however Allah guides the ones whom he will and He knows high-quality people who receive steering.” [Qasas, 56]

# Salvation is from Allah

Pricey readers; salvation comes from Allah. No person can help folks who are not granted salvation by way of Allah. The responsibility of our prophets are not to provide salvation to people, but to tell them approximately Allah (s.W.T) and unfold them His word through letting realize of the divine grace; in short, to inform Islam. It’s far ordered inside the verses from the Qur’an that:

“O Messenger! Proclaim the (message) which hath been despatched to thee from thy Lord. If thou didst not, thou wouldst no longer have fulfilled and proclaimed His mission.” [Maida, 67]

“but if they shrink back, thy responsibility is most effective to preach the clean Message.” [Nahl, 82]

“Thy obligation is to make (the Message) attain them: it’s far Our element to name them to account.” [Rad, 40]

# Prophets do not recognize of Al-Ghaib (The Unknown)

Pricey readers,

The term “Prophet” refers to “Paigambar” in English. This term additionally has the which means of “diviner”. As i’ve noted in advance, prophets of Allah born with great traits; however they’re no longer diviners as Englishman regard. They are the man of Haq (reality). Whatever Allah (s.W.T) famous to them from the fact, they are aware of it and they explain it to people. It is ordered inside the verses from the Qur’an that:

“Say: I inform you now not that with me are the Treasures of Allah, nor do I recognize what is hidden, nor do I let you know i am an angel. I but comply with what’s discovered to me.” [An’am, 50]

“they are saying: Why isn’t a sign sent all the way down to him from his Lord? Say: The Unseen is best for Allah (to know), then wait ye: I too will wait with you.” [Yunus, 20]

“Say: None inside the heavens or on this planet, except Allah, knows what is hidden:” [Naml, 65]

Pricey readers; Al-Ghaib refers to the know-how approximately the non secular business enterprise of Allah or approximately the past and present that mankind cannot reach to in addition to to seen and invisible geographical regions that Allah (s.W.T) has created. This knowledge can neither be found out through observation and experimentation nor can be calculated through quantitative data. Know-how approximately the invisible and seen realms is best confined to what Allah (s.W.T) offers us.

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